Top 5 Electric Scooters

What caused the growth in popularity of electrical scooters? In recent years, electric motor and battery technology has advanced tremendously. Today’s LEVs (Light Electric Vehicles) have clear benefits over fossil fuel powered vehicles in the areas of functionality, ease of usage and operating expenses.

The HCF 737 Pacelite

This is a fantastic commuter scooter, folding up for easy storage and transportation. Given its speed, power, weight and reliability, both the beginner and experienced rider can enjoy its functionality. It is a very light scooter — only 59 pounds with the battery, and will easily fit in the trunk of your car. Traveling in a top speed of 15mph, the HCF 737 Electric Scooter will go distances up to 12 miles on a fee. Adjustable handlebars enable you to customize your ride for maximum comfort. And the removable chair and folding framework allows you choose this electric scooter practically everywhere you want. This really is one of those few electric scooters that provides full front and rear suspension for a smooth ride regardless of what the terrain.

Zapino Electric Scooter

ZAP is the acronym for: Zero Air Pollution and they recently introduced their new Zapino electric scooter. Not only eco-friendly and economical, the Zapino is strong with an advanced 3000-watt brushless DC hub engine, ideal for city commuting. Able to reach speeds of 30 mph, the Zapino will be able to keep up with city traffic without leading to city pollution. The back wheel hub motor on the Zapino creates more room on board for extra batteries and performance. This innovative drive system removes the need for belts or chains lowering it is overall upkeep. It also delivers a more enjoyable ride since it is almost silent. It accelerates smoothly with no shifting and contains no engine vibration — just good, eco-friendly clean pleasure. There is an optional upgrade, with Lithium batteries, that will boost the range up to a very respectable 65 miles out of the 30 miles that come in the typical batteries.

Swagtron Swagger 5 Elite
The Swagtron Swagger 5 Elite is designed with inflatable 8.5” rubber tires to and a lightweight aluminum frame that can smooth out uneven roads and support riders up to 145 kg. The Swagger 5 can be folded and locked into a compact position for easy transportation and storage. Utilize your handbrake to come to an effective stop, push the thumb throttle to accelerate, or sound the bell to alert pedestrians. Select from three-speed modes to find your comfortable speed or challenge your riding skills. Cut down your commute time with speeds up to 29km/h thanks to a POWERFUL 250W motor. Get there and back with up to 17 km on a single charge.

Forsen Hummer

The Forsen Hummer is your first compact scooter at the business to provide room for two passengers. These scooters are made for older adolescents and adults who want reliable short-to-medium range transportation which is not limited by hills. The Forsen Hummer is a heavy duty electric scooter capable of traveling at 28–33 miles with a variety of 25 miles for a 175-lb. rider. With it’s 1000-watt motor combined with 100-amp controller, this scooter actually can handle two passengers (total weight of 350 lbs.) Without a issue. Range of 25 miles comes using a 24V/40Ah battery supply which is 3–4 times bigger than most scooters. Easily handles most off road conditions. Features include full suspension, front disc brake, flat-proof tires, and a fast battery charger (4 hours or less).

EGo Cycle 2 LX

The eGO LX is intended for daily commuters and errand runners that will be driving in moderate to heavy traffic. The LX is fully equipped for enrollment in any condition and provides the identical selection and rate as the eGO Classic. From the GO FAST style, top speed is 24 mph, electronically limited. Zero to 20 mph in under 4 seconds. In the”GO FAR” mode, top speed is 17mph, and acceleration is smooth and simple. Utilizing a single battery pack, range is 20–25 miles from the”GO FAR” mode and 15–20 miles from the”GO FAST” mode. It will climb a 15% grade at 18 mph with a 170lb rider. The heart and soul of this eGO is a tough DC motor designed specifically for the eGO Cycle. It’s powerful enough to pull heavy riders up large hills. The gentle ride of the eGO cycle 2 is the consequence of a custom front dual spring suspension fork. The eGO Cycle LX uses a silent belt drive transmission that needs no lubrication and is nearly silent.